Buffalo Jazz Competition

Identity, Print, Web Design

I was tasked to create a short term identity for a jazz competition, hosted at Buffalo's Alright Knox Art Gallery. What does jazz and modern art have in common? Both are expressive, colorful categories of art. The identity created played off both those elements, tying together the event and the location.



The identity was inspired by two elements: jazz, and the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Jazz is an expressive, free-forming, abstract genre of music. The Albright Knox Art Gallery is notorious for it's collection of contemporary works, including many from abstract expressionism (Pollack, Rothko). 

The Identity

The inspiration of Jazz and contemporary art was represented by two reoccurring design elements: the color palette representing the modern art, and loose line work, making up the logo, patterns, and custom typography for the identity.  



The identity was executed through stationary and promotional items, included a commemorative vinyl record given to participants in the competition. 

albright knox banner 01.jpg