Chicago Film Noir Festival

Identity, Print

As Film Noir is so stylized and recognizable, how does an identity for a Film Noir festival maintain the characteristics of the style, while being non-cliche and new? After researching and watching hours of film, I broke down Film Noir into main elements that set the style apart from the rest. These elements were used in the solution to this problem, creating an identity which can immediately be associated with Noir.


The Identity

Perhaps the most distinguishable and unarguably the most repetitive characteristic of Noir is the high-contrast, black and white imagery. With contrasting yet complimentary typefaces, and a strict black and white color scheme, the element of high contrast was brought to the festival.

The logo

The logo features a sharp spotlight, highlighting the F and N for Film Noir in the acronym. Knocking out the letters outside the spotlight set an ambiguous tone, as ambiguity is one of Film Noir's most important characteristics. 


The Program

Another key element of Film Noir were asymmetrical shots. Many of the program's spreads were asymmetrical. The spread of the booklet was also a 4:3 aspect ratio, a nod to the most common aspect ratio of 50s film.



Through repetitive elements inspired by Film Noir, the brand is executed through more print collateral such as (in order) a pocket guide with commemorative poster, tickets, name badges, a tote bag, poster, and social media application.