Strategy, Identity, Packaging

Loop is a watch designed for the blind, but is meant to be worn by everyone. I renamed the product, created a new identity, and designed new packaging. Through extensive research, I found the rebrand goals were to make the brand all-inclusive, playing on the juxtaposition of sophistication and playfulness.


Featured on packagingoftheworld.com on 5.2.16 and on retaildesignblog.net on 5.4.16


A Revolutionary Product

The problem with a watch designed for the blind was if it is just for the blind, does it help dissolve their disability? Or exploit it? The solution was to create a brand inclusive for everyone, not just the visually impaired.

A New Identity

The name was changed to Loop. The name is a metaphor for inclusivity and time; to be inclusive something must go around and include everything, as time is eternal.


Tone of Voice

To make the brand more inclusive, a different, more distinctive tone of voice was established. It is more humanistic, friendly, and personable. To match the minimalism of the brand and product, messages should be communicated in a quick manner. Sentence case should be used for a more approachable vibe.


Visual Metaphor

The identity consists of two visual metaphors: Color and Dots.
The bright and engaging colors represent the vast range of people and personalities who wear Loop. The repetitive dots pay homage to braille, a system of reading and writing for the visually impaired. Both metaphors are true to the purpose of the product and intentions of a inclusive brand.



Both of the metaphors are included with the packaging of Loop. Braille is printed on the front and side packaging to accommodate the visually impaired. 


Note: this is a fictional rebrand for Eone Time, a tactile timepiece company. Timepiece images and copywriting were pulled from their website. I did not design the product itself. Brand Strategy and research was completed with Alexander Catanese, Joshua Graef, and Ryan Hammond