New York Poster
Letters mimic New York's monstrous buidlings


Cleveland Orchestra
Art deco style mimics that of the orchestra's concert hall, Severance Hall; process
*2017 Graphis New Talent Annual
*Selected for 2017 VCD Honors Exhibition


Cleveland RTA
Characters represent different personalities who ride public transportation in Cleveland;
*Selected for 2017 VCD Honors Exhibition

Created for October's Art and Humanities Month; Inspired by WPA era posters
*Featured in Troppus Project's Poster Show


Signum Hiring Poster
Concept was to capture quirky personality of our studio


Nas Concert Poster
Headline is metaphor for Nas's moving out of the projects as a young rapper


Midday Bingo
Headline set as illusion of bingo balls


Luna Negra Promotion
Single poster in series of promotional posters for Luna Negra promoting illustrations of poetry.